What is an Independent Dental Hygienist

As of 2007, Registered Dental Hygienists have been able to practice independently from dentists.  This means that we are currently  recognized as our own separate and individual profession, where we can open clinics that can provide all or more of the same dental hygiene services that your dental office would offer. As a patient, you have the right to choose a dental hygienist and dentist separately. You are not limited to the dental staff at your dental office to provide your oral health care. You may choose any hygienist to do your dental cleanings, just the same as you may choose a specific dentist to restore your cavities… it is a personal choice.
Reasons To Choose an Independent Hygienist
  1. As an independent Hygienist, we follow the ODHA fee guide which is typically 10-30% less than the fee guide costs of general practice dental offices. Hygiene clinics are making oral health care more affordable, convenient and allows everyone access to the health care they deserve.
  2. Your dental insurance can be processed the same way as a dental office. The majority of insurance providers except dental hygiene codes and we can submit insurance claims electronically or by mail. We can also send an estimate of benefits so that you know what will be covered prior to your treatment date.
  3. No drills + no needles = no anxiety. Many people suffer from dental anxiety from negative past experiences in a dental office. Dental hygiene clinics do not drill teeth nor provide anesthetic by injection. This helps to limit the anxiety a patient may suffer which may prevent them from seeking dental care at all.
  4. Independent Dental Hygienists offer customized service. We recommend client specific treatment plans based on the specific needs of each individual, so it is personalized care. Needs vary from each individual, so patients should not be treatment planned identically the same.
  5. We book more time with the patient to allow proper and thorough care to assess, diagnose, treat and educate properly. Your appointments will never feel rushed or like you are a part of a production line. We are not under time pressure or restraints and we can allow as much time as we require to provide you with the most thorough care. Over the years, the tasks that a hygienist is expected to complete in a patients appointment has increased from 12 to 23, but unfortunately, most dental offices have not made the time adjustments to compensate for the extra tasks involved.
  6. With more time available, we are also able to offer oral hygiene instruction and oral health promotion including: educational handouts and pamphlets, demonstration of hygiene aids, discussions of products that are available for you to achieve better home care, disclosing on children to discuss and educate them on the effects of plaque and inflammation and to explain clinical findings, concerns, diagnosis and all available treatment options available.
  7. My senior patients are important to me, so I am voluntarily offering a 10% seniors discount towards dental services and treatments.
  8. Based on our assessment findings and diagnosis, we are able to refer you to any other appropriate health care professionals such as dentists for cavities, endodontists for root canals and periodontists for treatment of gum disease. We collaborate with dental health providers to offer the best of care.
  9. Over the years, many patients have been happy with the cleanings I have provided… stating that I am gentle and do a thorough job. I also offer subgingival liquid anesthetic for deeper pockets requiring deeper cleaning and if you have sensitive teeth I will take extra measures so that you have the most comfortable experience.
  10. You will always know what clinician / provider you are seeing. Being able to see the same patients regularly gives me the opportunity to know your mouth and determine which areas require special attention. You can be at ease that each appointment will be booked with the same hygienist and you don’t have to worry about being bounced around between different hygienists.
  11. There is no pressure to have xrays taken or dental exams done at your appointments and there is no pressure to buy treatment. We are here strictly to provide care. You can schedule dental exams and xrays at your own convenience and need, however, it would be a recommendation to still see your dentist annually for dental checkup, xrays and dental treatment if required.
  12. There is less risk for Covid exposure. With myself being the sole operator and provider, and only seeing 4-6 patients a day, you will have less interaction with staff and multiple patients. Your appointment will never be double booked at the same time as another and I allow 30 minutes between patients to avoid overlap. All Covid guidelines are in place (please see covid measures in place under the Clinic and Atmosphere heading)
  13. I am current with newer technologies including the use of a Velscope cancer screening tool, Diagnodent laser tool for determining suspicion for decay as well as a diode laser used to treat gum disease and deep pockets. I also follow the trends of the most current products and materials available on the market to give you access to the best care and treatment options. You will receive high end care, without high end prices.
Come and experience for yourself the difference that an Independent Dental Hygienist has to offer!

“Every visit will leave you with a smile!”

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